[News] Keith Emerson to be honoured with blue plaque in Worthing

Prog rock legend Keith Emerson is to be honoured with a blue plaque at Worthing Assembly Hall this Saturday, March 14.

Worthing Assembly Hall was the scene of Emerson‘s first ever public appearance competing in Worthing Music Festival’s piano sections as a child. Although born in West Riding in Yorkshire, the young Emerson grew up in Worthing. Throughout his school days he recalled being taken there to see various classical concerts at the Assembly Hall, which he readily admitted had an impact on his future career.

He went on to perform there himself with a number of bands in his youth and his first steps into a professional career. Growing up in the town and having close family local, Keith never lost touch with his roots. When he heard that The Assembly Hall might lose its wonderful Wurlitzer Organ he offered his H.R. Giger print of Brain Salad Surgery signed by himself, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, to Councillor Alan Rice as a donation towards saving the magnificent instrument.

The unveiling of the plaque takes place at 1pm this Saturday March 14 at the Worthing Assembly Hall.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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