[News] Kscope released Podcast 161 – PROG ROCK with TesseracT, O.R.k., Bruce Soord and GONG

Featuring Acle and Jay of TesseracT – with advice on band merch (particularly Xmas jumpers), the new challenges of post-Brexit cost-of-living touring, and playing metal to a new-born baby…

We’ll hear the new singles from TesseracT, O.R.k. & Bruce Soord… and the new single from GONG who are touring with Ozric Tentacles soon; now there’s a double-dip rarified psychedelic experience, no wonder the Spring dates are called The Last Blast… (there’s some new Ozrics musicks coming soon, keep your ears peeled and pinned back…….)

Stream the Podcast through the YouTube player below:

You can also stream the Podcast here: https://kscope.podbean.com/e/kscope-podcast-161-prog-rock-with-tesseract-ork-bruce-soord-and-gong/


TesseracT – The Grey (from War of Being) 15 September
O.R.k. – Deadly Bite feat. Michaela Naydenova (from Screamnasium) Out Now
GONG – Tiny Galaxies (from Unending Ascending) 3 November
Bruce Soord – Nestle In (from Luminescence) 22 September

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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