[News] Lolita Terrorist Sounds release new single and video “Red Carpet”

When Greek tragedy meets Art-Rock: the Berlin-based band Lolita Terrorist Sounds announces their second studio single “Red Carpet.” A meta-theatrical new music video for the song goes live on March 25, 2022 on YouTube, featuring odd characters dealing with the disastrous side effects of fast-rising fame. “Red Carpet,” with its Brechtian opening edging between subtle humor and personal confessions of a fame-craving hunter, targets topics such as popularity in the modern world and the desperate attempt to rise to stardom. The red carpet, described in the song as “a human rug I cannot trample
,” is one where human dignity is stepped upon by a greedy desire for reaching commercial success.

I am the Pope, I am the President” and further cryptic lyrics shape the inner monsters hidden deeply in us and immortalize an obscure version of the red carpet used at gala events.

Some lines of the song were partially inspired by the Greek tragedy Oresteia by Aeschylus and dig deep into the origin of the red carpet going back in time to king Agamemnon, the first personality recorded in history to have walked a red carpet. Agamemnon‘s obsessive lust for power, leading the king to
sacrifice his own family, becomes a metaphor to describe the side effects of the star system in modern society.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds‘ new single emphasizes the theatrical aspect of the story, mixing traditional musical elements, such as cinematic martial rhythms and strings arrangments, with dissonant guitars and atonal Metal percussions.
The video clip captures the odd characters and narcissistic behavior reflected in the lyrics of the song.
Watch the video clip here:

About Lolita Terrorist Sounds:
Lolita Terrorist Sounds is a Berlin-based Avant-Garde band founded by Maurizio Vitale. The
name is a provocative combination of Nabokov’s novel title “Lolita,” and adding the challenging perception of the word “Terrorist”. Both were generated using the W. Burroughs cut-up technique and adding to it the word “Sounds” to best describe the groundbreaking nature of the band’s compositions and performances. Vitale’s past and present collaborations include work with members of acclaimed bands such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Swans, Iggy Pop, Thåström, PJ Harvey and Faust. His
talent was at the service of the legendary Sabar percussionist Doudou N’Diaye Rose (SN),
and he has played with German singer Andrea Schroeder both in the studio and live.
The debut studio single “Prison Song” featuring Swans lap steel guitar legend Kristof
was released last December.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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