[News] Luca Di Gennaro published the official video for “Into The Rainfall” feat. David Wise

Luca Di Gennaro published the official video for the first single “Into the Rainfall” feat. David Wise taken from new album “The 2nd Coming” out on January 14, 2022 via Lion Music. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Luca Di Gennaro is an italian multi-instrumentalist based from Napoli and is best known for being one of the founding members, keyboard player and mastermind of the Progressive Metal act Soul Secret, with which he has released five albums as of today, as composer, arranger, lyricist and producer. He has also collaborated with bands like SubsignalSeven Steps To The Green Door and TDW. In addition, he is a sound designer and engineer, and his work was featured on the official Moog website in March 2021. He also works as a composer in different fields including video games, which he loves playing and were fundamental for his tastes in music. He loves participating in national Global Game Jams, where he won the “Best Soundtrack” prize for several years in a row. His musical style is incorporating a huge amount of influences, including Tony Banks, Keith Emerson, Vangelis, Ozric Tentacles, Infected Mushroom just to name a few.

He has no bias about musical genres and his songs really shows that. “The 2nd Coming,” which is the name of his first instrumental solo album about to be released, is a journey between classical Progressive Rock, Psychedelic soundscapes, Electronic music, Metal, Orchestral, Trance, Latin, Ambient and much more. Luca is joined by some friends embarking on this adventure. Worldwide renowned video game composer David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Battletoads etc.) joined the team with an emotional sax solo on one of the softer songs, rhythm master Alfonso Mocerino played acoustic drums on the whole album, Maria BarbieriStefano Festinese and Frank Cavezza gave their amazing contributions with blazing solos on the title track.

The 2nd Coming” was released on January 14, 2022 under Finnish record label Lion Music. It’s available both in digital and in digipak format.

Purchase the album following this link: http://www.lionmusic.com/shop/D/DiGennaro.html

1) Chasing Next
2) The Spiteful Lair
3) Shannon Tree
4) Into the Rainfall
5) Route 24
6) Climb
7) A Rose in the Sand
8) The 2nd Coming

Luca Di Gennaro (Soul Secret)

Alfonso Mocerino (Temperance, Starbynary, Virtual Simmetry) / Acoustic Drums
David Wise / Sax Solo (4)
Maria BarbieriStefano Festinese and Frank Cavezza / Guitar Solos (8)

Luca Di Gennaro |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Lion Music |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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