[News] Math-Rock Experimental trio H.C. Behrendtsen announces new album & unveil single “Kalimba”

H.C. Behrendtsen create sounds between Experimental music and Math Rock. Eruptive spontaneity, intricate grooves and mashupy textures between the uplifting and the bizarre are consequences of both: infatuation for contemporary composing as well as for the heroes of their adolescence.

With new single “Kalimba” the H.C. Behrendtsen launches fully into the release of the self-titled album, out on 11/11 via Schatulle Bömm.

Kalimba” offers the shivery Surf Rock guitar seeking rocket-launch-drumset for children’s birthday parties and company celebrations. Stream it on Spotify right here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2f5s7HBxsCQaKcQw8pWXeG

Purchase and stream the track on Bandcamp: https://hcbehrendtsen.bandcamp.com/track/kalimba

H., C. and B. from L. appear like three scientists wearing Aloha shirts occupying your basement party room. Their first album sounds as if it was recorded right there. Under laboratory conditions, of course.

If you‘ve already enjoyed a live gig of the Math Rock Experimental band, you’ll know that there’s no party without three tube TVs and a tumult of computer-generated avatars. This fall the band has launched their first album: nine angular sound excursions enthralling, disturbing and unsettling its listeners.

Difficult to grasp in one pass, this debut discloses a catchy and astounding cabinet of curiosities wrapped by the band’s ample precision as well as its delicate and pearly sound. Excited indeed, riotous no.

With certain lunacy and blunt attention to detail Leipzig’s H.C. Behrendtsen have melt clever compositional sophistry and a palmful of Pop-cultural references into a record of roughly 40 min. duration. Where outrageous Surf Rock allusions are breaking even the sturdiest wall of guitar, a touch of 90s Rock nostalgia breathes a certain warmth into the crystal-clear Math Rock structure. A sound which offhandedly bridges academic and DIY-spheres making Jazzists and hardcore kids feel at home equally.

01 Ibiza/ Heinz
02 Modem
03 Labyrinth
04 Vitamin
05 Domino – Theorie
06 Kalimba
07 Never Get High On Your Own Supply
08 LiLiGeTiTi
09 Weight

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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