[News] Metal musician Rick Massie launches video series “Eclipse Influences”

Rick Massie has released the first of 8 webisodes that look into the musical influences that helped shape the music on his debut album “Eclipse”.

The series will launch a new episode every Sunday for 8 weeks, and will look at each song on the album and will highlight the artists and songs that directly or indirectly had an impact on the writing of each track. Viewers will get a glimpse into how artists like Devin Townsend, Katatonia, Edge of Sanity, Big Wreck, King Crimson, and more, helped inspire some of the many musical passages on the album. The entire series will be hosted on YouTube:

Eclipse Influences: Episode 1 – A Moment of Truth (Uncertainty) – YouTube
The first in a series of videos that looks at the artists and albums that inspired or influenced the songs on Rick Massie’s debut album, “Eclipse.” In this Episode, we see how Devin Townsend and Big Wreck influenced the second track on the album, “A Moment of Truth (Uncertainty).”

Eclipse” is available digitally, and on CD on major platforms, including Bandcamp, CDBaby, Google Play, and Apple Music. Get the album from your preferred distributor athttp://rickmassie.com/tat-links.html. The album is also accompanied by an Android App ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipserickmassie ) with lyrics and credits. A Digital Booklet with complete album artwork will be released soon as well.

Eclipse” is a mix of influences and genres; exploring the intricacies of progressive metal, black metal, death metal, electronic, rock, and symphonic music. The stories within gaze upon moments of joy, moments of darkness, moments of fear, and ultimately, moments of hope and uncertain triumph. This is metal that unabashedly embraces all emotions and many non-metal styles of music.

Rick Massie says: “The songs took shape in ways that I never expected. I went into this album with the intent of writing simple songs with both dark, heavy sections, and melodic, epic sections. Those sections are there, but the structures are far from simple. I intended for the songs to have a “Standard” song structure, as a way to ease myself back into creating music. However, the songs quickly veered off the beaten path to become musical journeys with very few repeating riffs and musical ideas. Musically, it probably fits best in the Prog category. But not because it’s flashy, technical, or weird. Really, it’s just because I can’t really think of any other artist that this sounds like. Or maybe the truth is that it sounds like all the artists I love, all at once.

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