[News] The NYChillharmonic release the first single from upcoming album

The NYChillharmonic  is a female fronted, Brooklyn-based 18 piece Progressive-Rock Orchestra. The music fuses multiple genres including Rock, Pop and Jazz, which ultimately creates an ensemble sound that acknowledges the tradition  of Jazz as much as it sonically embraces experimental textures, arrangements, and harmonies. The band is releasing the first single “Mean,” from their forthcoming album, out on June 8, 2020:

This single best summarizes what the band’s sound is, its sound mixes and the different facets that make it up. From the structure developed in Progressive style with its time changes, to the excellent female voice, trademark of the band, passing through the use of a real Rock orchestra, given the presence of 18 components in the lineup. A good starting point that precedes the release of the album, certainly creating expectation in the listeners who will be pleasantly impressed by the eclectic sounds of this band that offers originality and technique both in the compositional and executive phase.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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