[News] Methodica: in October the new album, the first details, online video

The Italian Progressive Rock/Metal quintet Methodica in collaboration with K2Music Management is pleased to announce the first details of the band’s new record chapter, which will be titled ‘Clockworks‘ and will be available starting October 2, 2020.
At the same time, the band releases the official video and streaming of the first single ‘A Trick‘, visible below:

Max Piubelli, singer of the band adds: “A Trick” represents the new course of Methodica, and is a perfect synthesis of the band’s current sound, which combines powerful riffs and aerial melodies with new and modern electronic elements that we have never used so widely previously. The result of this combination is a great compositional freshness, and an energy and elegance that redefine Methodica’s new musical style. We are very proud of this piece and the whole new album, we believe it to be the most inspired and focused album we have written so far. We look forward to presenting it on tour to all of you.

A Trick is available on all streaming platforms:  http://hyperurl.co/mwkvrk

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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