[News] Metsatöll publish the official video for “Tarede Vaikuses”

Metsatöll together with the Music Portal MUSA and the concert solutions company RGB Baltic organized a Live-Stream concert: “Viking Vil-lage Feast 2021″ in the Vikings’ Village. Watch the video for “Tarede Vaikuses” below:

In total, the event gathered a total of about 40,000 views on different media-channels and can still be watched on Metsatöll’s Youtube and Facebook channel.
During the shooting of the concert day, a video for the new Metsatöll song “Tarede vaikuses” (In the Silence of Cottages) was made in the Vikings’ Village, the premiere of which took place live on “Viking Village Feast 2021”.
Now you can watch the video separately and, of course, listen to the song.

Tarede vaikuses” was recorded and mastered by Tõnis Noevere and Metsatöll in Tallinn, March 2021. “Tarede Vaikuses” story is about honouring and respecting your loved ones. Friends. The word “friend” is increasingly rare to slip to the people’s lips. In a world where “friend” or “unfriend” remains in the choices offered by the digital giants, the meaning of true comrade seems to be fading. But there is also a real world, with real friends. And though “there is still dim inside the cottages” we stand up as a sign of respect for our friends, and wherever you are, we greet you: “… we’ll meet again! We’ll meet for sure.”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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