[News] Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers release their debut EP and album on vinyl through Lay Bare Recordings

Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers, a 5-headed omnium gatherum of eclectically inspired music freaks hailing from Belgium, is set to take music enthusiasts on a mind-bending journey with the vinyl release of their first EP “Flaming Tiger Lizard” (2022) and debut full-length album “Mojo’s Heavy Cream” (2023). These releases, made possible through their partnership with the Dutch record label Lay Bare Recordings, showcase the band’s unique blend of Heavy Prog Rock soaked in Psychedelia.

Drawing inspiration from the late 60s and early 70s, Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers sound exudes a captivating mix reminiscent of iconic bands such as Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash, and Pink Floyd. However, their music is far more than a nostalgic trip; it is a captivating bridge between the past and the present, firmly rooted in the contemporary Psych Rock scene.


  1. Flaming Tiger Lizard
  2. Shangri-La
  3. The Work is Done

The band’s initial EP “Flaming Tiger Lizard” was released digitally just one year after their formation, and it vividly displayed the band’s creativity and open-minded approach to music. The titular track of the EP seamlessly fuses four different parts, taking listeners on a groovy, bass-heavy journey that morphs into Funky Desert Blues, Proggy and Psychedelic Jazz-Rock interludes, and finally culminating in a sweet Stoner jam. The dream-like continuity and psyched-out driving force make this 15-minute piece a multi-coloured journey through soundscapes.

Pre-Order the EP here: https://laybarerecordings.com/release/flaming-tiger-lizard-lbr045

The debut full-length album, “Mojo’s Heavy Cream,” is a fascinating collection of all-original tracks that not only pay homage to their major influences but also showcase the band’s evolution and unique musical voice. While “Mojo’s Heavy Cream” reflects a degree of maturity in their sound and vision, it signifies a new beginning rather than an end. The band’s insatiable desire for musical exploration leaves the door wide open for future projects. With childlike enthusiasm, unwavering freedom, and a free-associative approach, you can expect more groundbreaking music from Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers in the near future.


  1. Everybody Love Everybody
  2. For the Greater Good
  3. I’ve Been a Fool
  4. Cremè Suprême
  5. Shangri-La
  6. Mo’ Mojo

Pre-Order the album here: https://laybarerecordings.com/release/mojo-s-heavy-cream-by-mojo-the-kitchen-brothers-lbr048

Warre Brits
 / Drum and Lead Vocals
Jon Geboers / Guitar
Mathijs van Meensel / Bass
Luca Fazioli / Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jules Meyvis / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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