[News] Mother’s Cake announce a new live from the studio

Official Press Release (Mother’s Cake):

All venues are closed, postponed dates all over the place, but we have a temporal cure for your hungry hearts! 
You always wanted to sit on the “Off The Beaten Track” couch, or rave at the Bergisel Stadium, and be live there when we record our next LIVE album? Yeah, then we got remedy.

Grab a ticket for our STUDIO LIVE SESSION at the Little Big Beat Studios, sit on your own couch, grab your fav friends and drinks and watch live when we record CYBERFUNK! LIVE? for the very first time.

Be our AAA backstage guest for the whole take. And since we know that you live are all over the world, we will do a LIVE stream for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere. Sit in the front row and watch LIVE when our new LIVE album will be conceived and tell your decendants when they play the vinyl that you were literally in the studio with us while recording it. Yeah, Corona sucks, but at least this a cool feat of this suckervirus!

And if you cant make it the our two live slots, you can rewatch the session whenever you want, but it will then be streamlined for some Video on Demand action. If you want the raw shit, be there tomorrorw 10th April at 20.15h or 23.00 CET and watch us burn. 

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The folks at Little Big Beat are freaks, while the session is captured on analouge 2 x 32 tracks, mixed on an analouge console, videotaped with six 4k cams and delivered to you from Kurt the live director, the Little Big beat crew will press Vinyl, Cassettes and also Master Tapes for all the analouge afficionados out there.

For the Renegades of you who live near the Principal of Liechtenstein, you can be even physical in the Studio with us, we have a handful tickets left. You need to be testet, ready to rock and on time cause at 20.00h and 22.45 CET the Studio doors closes and the recording light goes on!  

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We still miss the road and the gigs, but we are excited as fuck to do a STUDIO LIVE SESSION, artists like Simon Phillips, Josh Dion or Fred Wesely did them, so we look forward to rock this show! We are happy to celebrate this milestone with you. If COV hits you hard and you can´t afford the €9,90,- for the tickets send us a mail and we look how to handle this. Watch the video below:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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