[News] Myon Ascends to the “Height of Decadence” with New Sonic Evolution

Venturing beyond genre confines, Finland’s Rock stalwarts Myon are set to captivate listeners with their fresh sound in “Height of Decadence.” Watch the official music video through the YouTube player below:

As the Finnish Progressive Rock scene continues to burgeon, one band is leading the charge in this musical revolution: Myon. After an illustrious 25-year career of crowd-pleasing anthems and sold-out concerts, Myon is ready to push their sonic boundaries further with their new single “Height of Decadence.” Release on June 02, 2023, under the Brandloud Entertainment banner, the single promises an invigorating blend of Myon’s signature arena-filling sound, contemporary production prowess, and irresistible pop sensibilities.

In an exclusive interview with Counter-Sound.com, Mika Pohjola, the band’s keyboardist, shared insight into the band’s creative process behind this transformative musical venture. “After our previous album ‘Vitalworks’, we felt pretty burned out about the band’s direction. We needed a hiatus, a chance to revitalise and reflect. When we regrouped in 2021, it was clear that we had to shake things up,” says Pohjola.

And shake things up they did, reinvigorating the band and sculpting a wholly unique sound and style for “Height of Decadence.” Mika explains: “We didn’t care about any genre limits or anything, we just focused on making good, original music. And I think that turned out very well.

The thematic choices of the new release are intentionally enigmatic, an invitation to the listeners to uncover the stories woven into the lyrics themselves. Mika notes: “All the themes in the album hold special meaning to us, but we don’t want to over-explain. It’s more interesting for us and the listeners to discover the stories behind the lyrics themselves.

Reflecting on the band’s musical evolution, Pohjola views this stylistic shift as a natural progression. He states: “For us, musical evolution is very natural. We don’t want to sound the same as 25 years ago. Some people will love our new direction and we’ll gain new listeners. But there will also be those who don’t accept the change in style or sound. That’s the nature of evolution.

As for the band’s expectations on how fans will respond to “Height of Decadence,” Mika hopes for widespread engagement. “We hope that we gain lots of new listeners with this single and of course with the new album. We would love to get feedback and, in today’s digital age, we appreciate shares on social media and inclusion on Spotify playlists. That’s a big help for artists like us.

Height of Decadence” is but a taste of what’s to come from Myon. As they continue to carve out a space for themselves in the international music scene, one thing is for sure: their sonic revolution is just getting started. Be sure to experience their captivating new track and join Myon on this exciting new chapter of their musical journey.


Marco Mannermaa / Vocals
Mika Pohjola / Keyboards
Jyrki Laiho / Guitar
Keijo Koivikko / Bass
Matti Torro / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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