[News] New Allan Holdsworth live album to be released

Double CD/DVD set catches the late guitar great Allan Holdsworth live in Frankfurt in 1986

The late Allan Holdsworth will have a new live album released this month. Frankfurt 86 will be released through Manifesto Records on May 29.

The double-disc CD/DVD set features the guitar great captured live in performance at the Deutsches Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, Germany on February 16, 1986. The set features both audio and visual versions of the nine-song set recorded and filmed for German television. The already high-quality audio and video have been digitally remastered from the original tapes.

For the performance, Holdsworth was backed by his long-time drummer Gary Husband, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboardist Kei Akagi. Husband also wrote liner notes for the set, based on his personal memories from the gig.

Former Soft Machine/UK/Bruford guitarist Holdsworth died in 2017.

Allan Holdsworth: Frankfurt 86
1. Three Sheets To The Wind
2. Letters Of Marque
3. Tokyo Dream
4. Looking Glass
5. Atavachron
6. Non-Brewed Condiment
7. White Line
8. Swallow Sea
9. Devil Take the Hindmost

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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