[News] Nine Skies published 2 live videos “Porcelain Hill” & “Wilderness” from new album

To celebrate the 6-month anniversary of their new opus and at the occasion of the 5th virtual Fusion Prog Festival edition, Nine Skies unveil two live stream videos: two tracks from the album “5.20,” released the June 4, 2021 via Anesthetize Productions.

Porcelain Hill” & “Wilderness” – featuring Damian Wilson on vocals and Steve Hackett on the lead guitar – are played here in a personal live stream version with a charm reflecting the personal poetry of this opus to perfection.

Stream “Porcelain Hill“:

Stream “Wilderness“:

Purchase the album on the Anesthetize Productions official website: https://anesthetize.fr/produit/nine-skies-5-20


  1. Colourblind
  2. Wilderness (feat. Steve Hackett)
  3. Beauty of Decay
  4. Golden Drops
  5. Above the Tide
  6. Dear Mind
  7. The Old Man in the Snow (feat. John Hackett)
  8. Godless Land
  9. Porcelain Hill (feat. Damian Wilson)
  10. Achristas
  11. Smiling Stars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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