[News] One Hundred Thousand publish concert film performance of latest album “Zodiac” via YouTube Live

Following the release of its ambitious sophomore LP “Zodiac,” New Jersey-based Hard Rock group One Hundred Thousand is excited to share the concert film performance of the album on June 16, 2021 via YouTube Live.

Recorded in April 2021 by video crew Alex Dell’Aquila and Alex Ruiz at an undisclosed location in Totowa, NJ, One Hundred Thousand offers up this performance as a thank you to its growing audience, who connected with the band during the gloom of a global pandemic in 2020.

The album’s rollercoaster of anguish, jubilation, regret and disillusionment is on full display during The Zodiac Album live with the stark dynamics of the studio recording coalesced with the energy, sweat and assiduity of a live show — even one with a virtual audience.

Watch the entire performance below:


1. ARIES 06:44
2. TAURUS 04:00
3. GEMINI 04:59
4. CANCER 06:33
5. LEO 05:50
6. VIRGO 04:47
7. LIBRA 05:28
8. SCORPIO 06:02
10. CAPRICORN 09:50
11. AQUARIUS 05:11
12. PISCES 06:51

Zodiac” is available as a full-double album everywhere digitally and on vinyl here:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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