[News] Ozric Tentacles to reissue “Live At The Pongmasters Ball” “Jurassic Shift” and “Strangeitude”

Jurassic Shift

A 2022 Kscope mid-price digipak reissue of Ozric Tentacles’ most successful album, “Jurassic Shift.”

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Jurassic Shift” was the fourth official release from the band and the first album to be recorded in the band’s own studio The Mill. The album reached #11 in the UK national chart when it was released in 1993.

Jurassic Shift remains a creative peak.” – Classic Rock

CD in digipak with 8 page booklet.

Pre-order the album here: https://burningshed.com/artists/OzricTentacles/ozric-tentacles_jurassic-shift_cdb


  1. Sunhair [05:42]
  2. Stretchy [06:52]
  3. Feng Shui [10:25]
  4. Half Light In Thillai [05:36]
  5. Jurassic Shift [11:04]
  6. Pteranodon [05:41]
  7. Train Oasis [02:46]
  8. Vita Voom [04:46]


Mid-price edition of the classic 1991 album from the Ozrics (using the 2020 Ed Wynne remaster).

CD in digipak with 4-page booklet.

Strangeitude featured the band’s first single, “Sploosh!” which reached number 1 in the UK independent chart. The album serves well as an opener to the band’s world, with a leaning towards their techno influences blended in with Jazz, Psychedelic Rock and Dub.

Pre-order the album here:


  1. White Rhino Tea
  2. Sploosh!
  3. Saucers
  4. Strangeitude
  5. Bizarre Bazaar
  6. Space Between Your Ears
  7. Live Throbbe

Live At The Pongmasters Ball

A 2022 Madfish reissue of the 2002 Ozric‘s live album (with updated artwork and remastered audio). 

Recorded at the final gig of the bands’ 2002 sell out UK tour, this CD and DVD package, captures the very essence of the Ozrics live experience (in front of a frenzied capacity crowd at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire).


The album includes classics from Ozric Tentacles‘ vast back catalogue as well as previously unreleased material and the odd “space-jam” where the band free themselves from the shackles of rehearsed material and let the music wander into unknown territory.

Ozric Tentacles first came together at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1983, and built an audience through selling privately produced cassettes of their music. Their talent for hypnotic, mantra-like grooves found kindred spirits in the British rave scene of the late 1980s, uniting the seemingly disparate ‘New AgeHippie and Rave audiences. Despite the lack of a hit single, media notoriety or the usual music business hype, much less major-label backing, their 1993 album “Jurassic Shift” was a UK top twenty album, and their hardcore audience is both dedicated and loyal to the band’s unique sound. At the core of the band’s music is an exploration of electronic musical textures and compulsive, danceable grooves interlaced with strong melodies and multi-ethnic musical references.



  1. Oddentity (live 29 March 2002)
  2. Erpland (live 29 March 2002)
  3. Oakum (live 29 March 2002)
  4. The Domes Of G`Bal (live 29 March 2002)
  5. Pyramidion (live 29 March 2002)
  6. Saucers (live 29 March 2002)
  7. Sploosh! (live 29 March 2002)
  8. Ta Khut (live 29 March 2002)
  9. Kick Muck (live 29 March 2002)
  10. The Throbbe (live 29 March 2002)


  1. Oddentity (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  2. Erpland (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  3. Oakum (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  4. Myriapod (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  5. It`s A Hup-Ho World (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  6. Pixel Dream (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  7. The Domes Of G`Bal (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  8. Pyramidion (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  9. Saucers (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  10. Dissolution (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  11. Sploosh! (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  12. Ta Khut (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  13. Kick Muck (live 29 March 2002 – video)
  14. The Throbbe (live 29 March 2002 – video)

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