[News] Plini release a new video for the track “Papelillo” from upcoming album

Official Plini Press Release:

In case you hadn’t heard, the second single – “PAPELILLO” – from my upcoming album is out now! Watch the video below, or if you would prefer not to see a bunch of bugs and insects crawling over me while I play it, you can find it via all the usual music services here: https://listen.plini.co/impulse-voices

In related news, our friends at Sheet Happens are running a contest, where the most creative entries (playing something cool over a section of the new song) will win up to $150 in store credit (you could buy 5 of my candles, if you like), as well as a number of prizes from Neural DSP and GetGood Drums.

In other news, I am taking part in the first .strandcon* – the Strandberg Guitars’ aficionado summit, running November 24-25. It’s a fully online event, with a number of things happening, one of which will be my workshop. I’m going to play some unreleased material from the album, break down the production/writing of a song or two, and answer questions. For all the details, click here.

And finally, last week I had an absolute blast playing guitar with my friends in Polaris, for their Triple J “Like A Version” performance (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a long-running, iconic Australian radio show, where the featured band gets to play an original song and a cover). I had about 2 days to learn the material, and it was my first time playing a 7 string live in 4 years. Fun! You can check out the cover performance here and their original song performance here.

Pre-order “Impulse Voices” here: https://www.plini.co/impulse-voices

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