[News] Propane Propane unveil official video for “Purple Sun” from 10th anniversary upcoming release

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of Propane Propane‘s album “Indigo.” The roughly 9 minutes long “Purple Sun” was recorded during the Indigo sessions at Boltzmann Brain Studio (2010/2011) but was at the end cut from the final release. It came down to both vinyl run-time constraints and the sense Purple Sun did not fit the context of an album that already had plenty of slow earth shattering titles such as “Food of The Gods,” “Truth” and “Indigo.” Watch the official video for the track through the YouTube player below:

The up until now unreleased track tells of a clan traveling through the country in service of a force and a deity they themselves have chosen to name “the purple sun.” By focusing and sacrificing their mental energy and essence to this hidden force they in return get an unspeakable but very real state of being which expands their capacity, strength and resilience in the journey through life.
The 10 year anniversary release contains the track Purple Sun and the demo originally called “Rising Sun.” The last track, a calm instrumental, called “Cult Of Börstig” revolves around the pyromaniac family ravaging the Swedish countryside of Börstig during the 60’s.

Benjamin Thörnblom – “In the late 1960s a pyromanic family ravaged the Swedish countryside of Börstig, where I lived 1990-2001. Many of the neighbors had been mentally scarred for life from the terror this family inflicted upon the area. Hundreds of innocent animals lost their lives in the fire and smoke because of the madness of this family. In the end nobody in the family got prison as there was not enough evidence to prove guilt. During the long-winded trials two of the brothers claimed in opposition to each other to have started the fires. This and the lacking evidence left the court helpless and the brothers and their family walked free in the end, for good.
These events changed Börstig, it gave a springboard for paranoia among the villagers and eventually even generational trauma. Safety and trust got ripped out of the core of the area but people did try to go back to a normal life and not live under constant fear but it was very hard. Many waking up in panic during the nights for years to come from small noises or deep embedded fear that another fire could strike again at any given time.

During 2010 under the influence of substances, confusion and paranoia I wrote and recorded a song during roughly one or two days. The result became ‘Cult of Börstig’ which emotionally revolves around these events. I actually recorded the entire bass track first, standalone, and then did drums. Later I tracked the guitars and recorded deranged whispers and a bunch of hidden things.. It got pretty layered in the end.

Purchase the mini-album on Bandcamp: https://propanepropane.bandcamp.com/album/purple-sun-10th-anniversary-release


  1. Purple Sun, 9 mins
  2. Purple Sun (Demo), 9 minutes 5 secs
  3. Cult Of Börstig (Bonus), 6 mins 38 secs

Purple Sun” official video by Evil Hand Productions (2022)
Cover art for “Purple Sun” by Magdalena Wigrund (2022)
Music & lyrics by Benjamin Thörnblom (2010)
Recorded and engineered by Benjamin Thörnblom at Boltzmann Brain Studio RIP
Mix by Karl Daniel at Lidén Tri-lamb Studio (2011)
Remaster by Benjamin Thörnblom at Inverted Hill Studio (2022)


Jakob Gill / Percussion
Niklas Andersson / Bass
Benjamin Thörnblom / Vocals and Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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