[News] Psychedelic Folk band Big Smile Revival to release the new album “The Universal Veil”

Official Press Release:

“When you come to see Big Smile Revival, expect a whirlwind of unpredictable melodies and energetic riffs that tell colourful stories of both the yin and yang vibrations of life, love and consciousness…” – Hot Vox

One part psychedelic folklore, one part exploration of environmentalism and mental health, a lot parts unapologetic, in your face, ‘break-something’ rock – this is Big Smile Revival. Based out of Bristol, the three-piece band bare their inspirations on their sleeve. With tracks drenched in images of myths, legends, ancient history and brimming with the spirit of 60s rock and later grunge, Big Smile Revival’s interstellar new 4-piece EP The Universal Veil paradoxically draws from a well of centuries’ of inspiration to create something that exists beyond time. 

From the EP’s opening haunting, ethereal, otherworldly synths and Twilight Zone reminiscent voiceover, through to its closing aching guitar solo crying out over the impassioned drumming of Matt Rowcliffe, The Universal Veil transports its listeners through a landscape of psychedelic visions, social commentary, folklore, and a classic love story, with sounds unlike many heard before, serving as no surprise given the band’s unusual writing style. Bassist Edvard G. Till’s synaesthesia synchronises perfectly with Steve’s imaginative stories that together guide Big Smile Revival as they write tracks not only for sound, but taste and colour…

This is perhaps most evident in the band’s upcoming single The Helm (release date: 25/06/21). Beginning with delicately intricate reverberating guitar licks, Big Smile Revival continue to prove that they are just as comfortable without vocals, making it all the more powerful when Lead Singer Steve Hymas is introduced. What follows is a symbiotic relationship between rhythm and lead guitars that, with time, rise to match the intensity of the singing’s vocals and tone bringing the track, and EP,  to an epic cacophony to round off the project. 

“We write from experience and truly want to share our stories and melodies with audiences everywhere” – Big Smile Revival

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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