[News] Rick Massie release the lyric video for the single “The Storm” in Exclusive with Progressive Rock Journal

Rick Massie released his latest single, “The Storm” on September 4, 2020. The song is a standalone single, not included on his recent debut album “Eclipse” which was released on May 1st, 2020. Watch the Lyric video exclusively with us below:

The Storm” was written and recorded over the course of a few nights in July 2020, as a way to come to terms with the emotions and questions regarding injustice, intolerance, hatred, and racism in the world. Lyrically, it calls for humanity to come together to take a stand against hate in all forms. Musically, it is a mix of influences and genres; moving from Enslaved-type prog-metal musings and fury, to Katatonia-styled introspection, to rage and darkness reminiscent of Opeth and Edge of Sanity.

Rick’s music focuses on messages of positivity, hope and unity amid darkness. In some ways, it is a soundtrack to life – a mix of darkness, fear, and sadness, offset by many moments of joy, love, triumph, hope and light. While “The Storm” may be his most intense and dark track to date, it is still based in themes of hope and unity.

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