[News] RoseFest will be livestreaming from the Haute Spot on September 4th to help To Cure A Rose Foundation

Alpha Rev will be livestreaming from the Haute Spot on September 4, 2021 for an open-air, socially distant benefit concert. Food and drinks will be available! 100% of event proceeds go to the To Cure A Rose Foundation. Together, we can help provide a second chance at life for Casey’s daughter Rose, and other children with rare diseases. Bid on Auction Items Here (Mobile browser recommended) https://app.galabid.com/rosefest
(Central Standard Time)

A Note from Casey McPherson: Before becoming a father, music was my life. Songwriting and performing around the world was my way of surviving after losing both my dad and brother at a young age. But when I was told I might also lose my daughter Rose, the music stopped. Rose is beautiful, kind, and determined. She’s unique. She has no words, but she tells me what she’s thinking through her eyes. When she’s happy, her laughter lights up the room. When she’s sad, her screams pierce the air. Sometimes, she looks at things I don’t see and cries when life is calm. Rose has a devastating rare genetic disease, HNRNPH2. Children with this disorder struggle to connect to their parents and siblings, to play with kids and attend school, to tolerate sounds and sensations of everyday life. Many of these children degenerate over time. Some die young. Rose can no longer say “daddy”. She continues to retreat into a world I’m not part of. And her life will only get more painful, and may end too soon. But today there is hope. Recent genetic treatments have shown that diseases similar to Rose’s can be stopped, even improved. But the burden falls on me to raise the money and put together the scientists to make this happen in time for my daughter and other children like her.

YOU can help Rose!
GIVE whatever you can at tocurearose.org. No donation is too small (tax-deductible) 2)
SHARE on social media (#ToCureARose and #RoseFest)
ATTEND Rosefest online or at Haute Spot on September 4, 2021 and bring your friends! Event proceeds will go to valuable research to create a cure for Rose. The window of opportunity is closing. Our team of experts is nearly complete. Now, we need YOUR help to raise $2 million to fund the ground-breaking work toward a treatment for Rose and other children like her who currently have no hope. Together, we can do this!

Livestream can be streamed on YouTube:

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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