[News] Rossometile publish “Oblivion” the fourth video from the new album

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The lockdown and Covid 19 seem not to stop the music, especially the one that refers to the art song with hard and metal colors. It is therefore time for a new videoclip for Rossometile, a Neapolitan band now recognized as a reference point for the Italian oltrerock.

Here comes “Oblivion,” the fourth video from the album “Desdemona”, full of emotion, mystery and incredible energy. Watch the video below:

Set between the land and the sea, it is a rough sea like the gothic soul of the group, it is a sea in which to let go because where everything ends there is only death, as a dark place where you can still meet and recognize yourself. In the depths of the water, separation and farewell still find meaning. Another masterpiece.

Rossometile was born in Salerno in 1996, from the union between guitarist Rosario Runes Reina and drummer Gennaro Rino Balletta, with the intention of creating new songs with “contaminated” metal sounds.
In 2004 “Ultimaria” was born, between Alternative Rock and Metal, but – in the following years – there were many changes of formation that influenced the band’s discography.
In fact, the second album “Terrenica” accesses a sort of Progressive Metal (but with Pop influences); in 2012 “Plusvalenze” arrives, where the Pop Rock Soul prevails, while in 2015 the public band “Alchemica” faces Gothic Metal.
In 2020 “Desdemona” comes out, which consecrates, thanks to the use of the symphony orchestra, the “Rossometile” genre.

Ilaria Hela Bernardini / Voice
Rosario Runes Reina / Guitar
Pasquale Pat Murino / Bass
Gennaro Rino Balletta: drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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