[News] Rossometile publish the official video for the single “Nox Arcana” from new album

LC Comunicazione is pleased to present “Nox Arcana“, the new video taken from a song from “Desdemona,” the latest Rossometile album. Watch the official video below:

Nox Arcana, fifth single extracted from the Desdemona album, is a decidedly dreamlike song but with a strongly spiritual cut, almost an invocation to the flowers that arise from the mud, to the light that comes from the darkness hidden in a shadow, from the lead that is transformed (thanks to the alchemical powers of universal love) in gold.

A prayer enclosed in a metal armor which, once the defense shield is overcome and overwhelmed, manifests itself, thus indicating the path of hope to rise again in the spirit and to feed again the soul of the human being.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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