[News] Sidus premiere the new EP “Seismos” in exclusive via WherePostRockDwells YouTube channel

Greek (based in Germany) Post-Rock band Sidus premiere the new EP “Seismos” in exclusive via WherePostRockDwells YouTube channel. Stream the whole Ep through the player below:

Fans can now pre-order the EP on CD by visiting https://bit.ly/Seismos_CD. The EP is sure to be a must-have for any fan of Post-Rock, and with the pre-order available, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the crowd.

“Seismos” Tracklisting:
Stage I – ‘Rupture’
Stage II – ‘Seismic Wave’
Stage III – ‘Seismos’

Says the band: “‘Seismos’ is a three-song EP that explores and embraces the intensity of earthquakes, while correlating them with the unsettling feeling of panic attacks. These natural disasters are a breathtaking phenomenon and are born in the deep layers of the Earth’s crust. They release all tension and power on the surface. ‘Stage I: Rupture’ is the genesis of an earthquake / panic attack. Energy is being concentrated around a stress point, which will cause a rupture in the future. This energy concentration is usually a slow and almost undetectable process…”

Hailing from Athens (based in Berlin), Sidus have carved a reputation for crafting cinematic, instrumental compositions in the same vein as bands like God Is An Astronaut, Russian Circles and The Ocean Collective. The band started out as a one-man project by Spyros Olivotos, which has seen the release of one EP and two singles (“Seasons Reversed” November 2020, “Pale Dot” June 2021, and “Dark Flames” December 2021). Their latest single “Dark Flames” has been their most impactful release to date, gaining solid recognition among the genre-seeking audience. The band is currently working on their first debut album and are planning their first live shows.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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