[News] Slimwy Things celebrate 10 years of “Quantum Reality TV” with international re-release

Slimey Things were first sighted in the venues of Sydney’s underground.

Over half a decade of making music and touring, this sextet of Pseudo-Pop Psychos developed a reputation for their quirky but infectious music and their memorable, laugh-out-loud live performances.

Their sound is an energetic blend of catchy Pop, Futuristic Rock, Sci-Fi Movie Soundtrack music and zany cartoon sound effects.

Unearthed by enigmatic front man and composer Nick Soole, Slimey Things have received much acclaim as one of the most unique and entertaining acts to emerge from Australia.

To celebrate 10 years since their breakout album Quantum Reality TVBird’s Robe are releasing the record internationally on all digital platforms for the first time.

Bird’s Robe director Mike Solo comments: “Slimey Things are one of my all-time favourite live shows and this record perfectly captures their zany off-beat humour and frighteningly impressive musical chops. If you like fun things, listen to this band.

The record spawned the cult hits Am I Weird? and Dumb Flu amongst its many fan favorites, including the math-prog-pop excursions The Omniprototron 3000 and Parallel Girl.

Whether it’s a hefty dose of Frank Zappa style humor, Mr. Bungle musical dexterity or Devo sci fi nerdiness, one thing is for sure – Slimey Things are out of this world.

1. Mechapets   
2. More Pop   
3. Dumb Flu   
4. Photon Rock   
5. Am I Weird?   
6. Parallel Girl   
7. Superdupercollider   
8. W.H.A.A.   
9. Grumpy Computer   
10. Whitegoods of Destiny   
11. Death Ray   
12. The Omniprototron 3000   
13. Who Will Save The Boy   
14. Teddy’s All Nite Interdimensional Portal and Bistro   
15. Quantum Reality TV 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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