[News] Sudler’s Row released the single “Galactic Gypsy” from upcoming concept collection

Delaware, USA Progressive Rock act Sudler’s Row released the single “Galactic Gypsy” taken from upcoming concept collection “The Chronicles of Rexx Baxter of the 33rd Galactic Fleet.” Stream and purchase the track through the Bandcamp player below:

The first installment (Chronicle I) of “The Chronicles of Rexx Baxter of the 33rd Galactic Fleet.” Our story begins with a devastating attack on the Galactic Federation Space Station by the Sonarians. The Federation is fractured and Admiral Pennington is forced once again to call upon Rexx Baxter and his Galactic Gypsies to thwart the onslaught…

Sudler’s Row is a Progressive Rock/Metal project from Delaware, USA featuring the compositions of Nathan Ames & featured artists. In early 2020 recordings began with featured percussionist, Anthony Mayan, with the intention of forming a full band to go play live that summer to help promote this music. Then the pandemic hit… so, for now, Sudler’s Row has become solely a recording project. Sudler’s Row’s music is being played on radio stations worldwide. These compositions have been described as artistic Progressive Rock, world, fusion and sometimes neoclassical – and now metal too! Sudler Row’s first instrumental EP “Frantic Empire” was released on 4/24/20. The next EP “Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1, A Rock Tribute To Edvard Grieg” released 8/21/20. The newest EP “Loose Enz” dropped 8/6/21. Now the new InstruMetal concept album “The Chronicles of Rexx Baxter of the 33rd Galactic Fleet” will be dropping track by track as completed starting with Chronicle 1 – “Galactic Gypsy.” This will be a solo project for Nathan Ames who will play all instrumentation (and this will also be his 4th self produced album). New featured artists will be involved in later recordings. Who knows where this road will lead Sudler’s Row!

Sudler’s Row… a powerful, progressive instrumental rock/metal experience that will lead you down a musical journey in your mind. Fall into the music!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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