[News] Sudler’s Row released third single “Scorch the Earth” taken from upcoming new mini concept album

Dover, Delaware based Instrumental Progressive Rock project Sudler’s Row released third single “Scorch the Earth” taken from upcoming new mini concept album “When the Dragon Ate the Sun.” Purchase and Stream the track on Bandcamp:

Sudler’s Row is the brain child of multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and music educator, Nathan Ames, hailing from Delaware, USA. Starting in 2020, Nate began his early Sudler’s Row recordings with the percussion bits contributed by friend, Anthony Mayan, with the intention of forming a full band. But as the world shut down due to the pandemic, Sudler’s Row became solely a recording project.

Today, with four EPs (and one in the works) and five singles this project is getting a lot of attention. Fresh, different and not tied down to any specific Rock category or genre, Sudler’s Row is a grass roots project – and is “wildly Independent!” The last two Sudler’s Rowmini concept” albums have been solo projects with Nathan Ames playing all of his own instrumentation (all of this project’s recordings are self-recorded & self-produced as well).

And now that the music scene is coming back to life, Nathan is finally forming his “dream band” and will be taking Sudler’s Row’s music to the larger venues. As he seeks out just the right fit for bass, drummer & keyboard players, you may find Nate in a local brewery, meadery or small venue playing his guitar to his own backing tracks…. For the listener, this is quite an auditory treat with an eclectic mix of Sudler’s Row’s softer melodic side of Rock along with the heavier Instru-Metal side (and even a few covers thrown in from Nate’s favorite early musical influences)! Sudler’s Row’s music is being played currently on hundreds of radio stations and platforms worldwide and has earned notable rankings on radio station charts globally.

Sudler’s Row… a powerful, progressive instrumental Rock & Metal experience that will lead you down a musical journey in your mind. Fall into the music!


Nathan Ames / All Instrumentation

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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