[News] Svart Records to release the self-titled debut album by Tavat (Juhani Laine)

The self-titled debut album from Tavat, a new band which multi-instrumentalist Juhani Laine started after leaving the Prog Rock group Sammal a few years agoWhat initially started as a solo therapy project later turned into an album, which features members from Jan-Erik Kiviniemi (Sammal) and Hannu Vainionpää (The Grammers) on vocals, Severi Pyysalo on vibraphone, and other Sammal members in their own roles.

Tavat” is a controlled chaos from the hands of Juhani Laine, which he started about a year after leaving the Prog Rock band Sammalee in search of the deepest flame of passion for playing again. The starting point in the therapy mind was to break down blockages that rot the mind by means of musical expression without the narrowness caused by artistic compartmentalization. However, the feeling of artistic freedom turned out to be a mirage, as Juhani found himself a slave to his compositional habits.

Making the album was also colored by the understanding of the passing away of an elderly father suffering from dementia. However, the idea that the album could be the last joint project with the father who is spending his last years, whose handwriting is the original drawing of the album cover, gave me enthusiasm.

During the making of the album, which was worked on well beyond the corona pandemic, there were bumps in the road where Juhan had to admit that his own abilities were not enough. He asked his bandmates from different formations for help. Taneli Manninen (Severi Peura & Selvänäkijät, Waltari on-demand) is responsible for the drums throughout the album. Sammalee‘s soloist Jan-Erik Kiviniemi is responsible for the songs on several songs. The debut album also features Severi Pyysalo (vibraphone), Hannu Vainionpää (vocals; The Grammers, Hannu & Harharetkue), Emilia Roos (vocals), Maiju Oikarinen (vocals), Matias Ryki-Kilpiö (trombone) and also members of Sammalee in their own roles.

Stream the first single through the YouTube player below:

Svart Records will release the album of Juhani Laine’s Tavat line-up digitally and as a limited vinyl edition of 500 on November 18, 2022.

Pre-order the album here: https://www.svartrecords.com/en/product/tavat


  1. Puolimieli
  2. Vaarat ja virrat
  3. Oljenkorsi
  4. Oleskelun ytimessä
  5. Pohjoinen
  6. Sanat sakenee
  7. Kutsu toisaalle
  8. Kehdon koettelemus
  9. Valeharhautus
  10. Äreä aamunkoitto

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