[News] Swiss Stoner Rock band Gentle Beast releases the official video for “Toxic Times”

Swiss Stoner Rock band Gentle Beast is back with their first release in 3 years thanks to the single “Toxic Times” from their next album which will be released via Sixteentimes Music. Consisting of stoner riffs injected with Psychedelia and blended with captivating melodies, “Toxic Times” takes the listener on a Psychedelic journey that is perfectly reflected in the current context of the world in which we live, torn by wars and paralyzed by pandemics. The piece delves into issues such as power, exploitation, greed and inner conflicts.

Gentle Beast are organizing a “weekend at Bernie’s” with one of their members in the new video of “Toxic Times.” Staying true to the band’s Stoner roots, the video features a fun and absurd storyline that includes a tragic death, a beer-filled burial, a wild hunt in the woods, death threats and signs of a major line-up change.

Watch the “Toxic Times” video through the YouTube player below:

Toxic Times” was mixed and mastered by Alberto de Icaza at Red Nova Ranch, Texas, USA.

Gentle Beast were born in 2017 and their sound was immediately characterized by the powerful guitars and the scratchy bass. They grew up together and their songs take inspiration from various rock genres, never forgetting that stoner rock remains the ultimate goal. In 2019 they released their first record titled “Hit the Spliff” and made a really crazy video.

Purchase and stream “Toxic Times” here: https://sixteentimes.com/toxic-times/


Timo Dinter / Voice
Janek Huschke / Guitar
Cedric Bichsel / Guitar
Manuel Ciofalo / Basso
Alexander Streit / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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