[News] The Besser Three published the track “Three Monks Electric” via ForceField Studios YouTube Channel

The Funky multi-generational Progressive Jazz trio The Besser Three, who feature the New Zealand composer Jonathan Besser, published the track “Three Monks Electric” available for stream through the ForceField Studios Official YouTube Channel. Watch the video below:

Stream the track on Spotify: Spotify – Three Monks Electric

The track is taken from the album “Time Travel,” a high concept Classical Jazz album by New Zealand composer Jonathan Besser and Los Angeles producer Victor Levine. Using adventurous time signatures to challenge a young Funky rhythm section created a sound bristling with artistic intimacy.


Jonathan Besser / Piano, Electric Piano
Daniel Christopher / Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
Andrew Christopher / Drums, Percussion
Victor Levine / Producer, Engineer
Recorded at ForceField Studios

Stream or Purchase the album through the ForceField Studios Official Website: https://www.forcefieldstudios.com/the-besser-three

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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