[News] The Jailbirds publish the single “I Will Move On” from the new upcoming EP

Official Press Release:

I Will Move On” is the last song on the upcoming concept EP, and the final chapter of the story. It again follows the same character, rising up above the negativity in their life and gaining the confidence to keep on going. This song is one of the heaviest on the record, bringing the sound back to that of our debut EP, The Black River. It is very modern Hard Rock, this time with a very imperial feeling to it. Watch the official music video below:

Loud and aggressive guitar tones, soft and crisp acoustic and clean guitars, with powerful thrashing drums, eerie vocals and chilling harmonies are all mixed into one with this track. The verse takes you to what seems like a whole other dimension, a side of The Jailbirds we haven’t heard before. Acoustic guitar and Leslie speaker guitars duel side by side, with screaming leads echoing overtop. 

We then are catapulted into the chorus with a dramatic drum roll, and saturated guitars sliding into the main riff. The dynamics really open up, and the band is playing at full force. The vocals are more forward in this section and the character is finding the way. The explosion of energy and strength in the chorus is a portrayal of the new found confidence our character is discovering.”

I Will Move On‘ is available here: https://smarturl.it/TheJailbirds-MoveOn 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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