[News] The Mighty Bard launch Kickstarter campaign to support new album “Beyond The Gate”

Aylesbury-based Prog Rock band The Mighty Bard have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the production of the band’s first album in eight years: “Beyond The Gate.” With the album set to be launched independently in late 2022, pledge options range from digital download, CD and vinyl pre-orders to band merchandise, handwritten lyric sheets, listening parties, meet and greets and future concert tickets.

A direct link to the Kickstarter page, which leads with a launch video featuring all band members as well as previews of album tracks, can be found here: https://bit.ly/3BifPtu

The band has set a fundraising target of £5,000 / circa $5,800, with pledge funds going towards the costs of mixing, mastering, CD & vinyl production and promotion. The closing date for contributions is 14 October 2022.

All tracks have been recorded for “Beyond The Gate,” and while the band has had good mixes of singles “Magician” and “Illusion,” which are available to download free from www.tmbmusicshop.com – they feel that the album as a whole needs to benefit from some of the best production values available so that “Beyond The Gate” delivers the ‘audio delight we know this phenomenal music deserves,’ according to founder member Dave Clarke.

To this end, the band have enlisted the talents of Yaron Fuchs, the New York-based Grammy-nominated uber-producer and engineer, to craft all-new mixes of the “Beyond the Gate” tracks. From Herbie Hancock to Annie Lennox, Ben Harper and Public Enemy to Christina Aguilera and Sting, Yaron has a reputation for bringing out the very best in bands and solo artists alike. With Dave stateside at the time of writing to oversee the mix, initial results suggest that Yaron’s magic will see The Mighty Bard deliver a great-sounding album featuring some of the best Progressive Rock music to be released in decades.

The phrase ‘they just don’t make music like this anymore’ has been used a few times in regard to Beyond The Gate, and in order for the band to get this album released to the world, we are going to need the prog community’s help,” explains Dave. “Beyond The Gate is a work of passion that features almost an hour’s worth of intricate, emotive progressive rock, developed, honed, toned and recorded over years. We believe we have produced a complex, beautiful and epic album that comfortably stands alongside some of the very best classic rock albums.

Band co-founder and former keyboard player with Silmarillion, Neil Cockle, adds: “I’ve played in many groups spanning different genres, including dance, new wave and heavy metal, but keep going back to my roots: Prog rock. When Dave and I started the band over 17 years ago, we found a great outlet for our joint songs, with the line-up soon augmented by Cad on bass.

The addition of Benj, Mark and Tom since the release of our first album has the band operating at a whole new level. With Benj’s layered harmonies and emotive voice taking us to heights we haven’t reached before, Mark’s tuneful violin and Tom’s drumming providing the foundation for the melodies to weave in and out of, I feel our new album deserves to be heard at its very best. If you want something more from your music, Beyond the Gate has your name on it – it’s British Progressive Rock at its finest!

Beyond The Gate’s tracks include the title track; Magician; Guarded Secret; Illusion; Compound The Problem; The Garden; and Last Orders. The band will be promoting the music live over the next year and will start work on the follow-up album from spring 2023.

Benj / Vocals
Dave Clarke / Guitars
Neil Cockle / Keyboards
Mark Cadman / Bass
Tom Mear / Drums
Mark Parker / Violin

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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