[News] Timo Tolkki’s new project starts with Segersbol as singer

Timo Tolkki launched the new project Infinite Vision and chose the Peruvian Jorge Segersbol from Ancestral Dawn as singer. The vocalist said in a recent interview:

It was certainly a great surprise to be chosen! He wrote me on my fan page (which I haven’t followed for a long time, haha), and I immediately accepted his proposal. So we started communicating via WhatsApp. Obviously I kept my feet on the ground and remained humble under the advice of my friend and manager, Francisco Ponce de León. Now I am in contact with Eric Cerda, the manager of Timo, who was responsible for the release of the Ancestral Dawn album in Europe. Timo is an exceptional and very talented guy, at the moment we are working together on some ideas for the album.

I always listen to Stratovarius music, but I have to admit that my main influence is Helloween. But Strato has always had a great influence on me, and I’m sure many musicians think the same way. Tolkki is a genius that still retains its essence after all these years.

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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