[News] Týr: European Tour with Arkona and Dalriada confirmed

“Heathen Heroes European Tour,” with folk metal masters Týr and Arkona in the lead roles, has been officially confirmed. Main support will come from Dalriada and on select dates from Varmia and Varang Nord. All booked dates are listed below.

Týr comments: “We’re very glad to announce the following (mostly) Northern European tour! It has been too long since we toured the North! And we look very much forward to playing in some cities and countries we used to tour in a lot! It is with great joy that we announce our return! See you all, somewhere on the road!

Of course, we are aware of the current situation with the travel- and crowd restrictions. We hope the current efforts of the authorities, and the many responsible people already staying at home or limiting themselves, will stop the spread of the virus. We will follow the news, the regulations and the recommendations of the authorities. We will not risk anyone’s health or safety. September is far away, so there is a decent chance the tour will happen. We want to give our fans something to look forward to. The more you stay at home – the sooner we can meet again.”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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