[News] Aether Realm release a new lyric video

Americans Æther Realm share lyric video for the second single of their new studio record “Redneck Vikings From Hell” due out on May 1st through Napalm Records. Concept, modeling, and animation of the video done by Church Grim.

Frontman Vincent Jones says about the track: “Lyrically it’s just a sort of cathartic release of frustration. Music doesn’t always come when I call. Instead, I usually feel that I’m bound to do its bidding, regardless of time of day or inconvenience of surrounding. Sometimes it’s a great comfort to surrender to it, but often feels like it’s taken over my life.

Musically, it’s also a cathartic release, this one of a hodgepodge of musical influences and ideas, cobbled together with the hope that if it’s good enough, the spirit of music will be sated – if only for a moment.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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