[News] Van Groover published live performance for the track “Bison Blues” from “The Vandamic Sessions”

German Stoner Rock trio Van Groover share a live performance video for the track “Bison Blues” from “The Vandamic Sessions,” recorded during lockdown 2021 at Cocobolo Studios. “The Vandamic Sessions” feature three songs from their debut album “Honk If Parts Fall Off.” Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we let it roll.” – Van Groover

With two V8s under the hood and a Harley in between, Van Groover are no fake. They own these rides, they live the lifestyle and they sound like them. 100% Riff-powered, no curlicue, just like a road trip through the desert, with Stoner Rock stomped the license plate.

Their first album, scheduled for August 14th tells the story of a road trip and all the different people and strange situations, someone would encounter. From Roadkill Restaurants to a monkey on the backseat, the rusty vocals will tell you all about it, while the music draws the fitting scenery.

Van Groover are no strangers to the business. Lead by bassist and vocalist Bass-T (Cripper, Venus In Pain), drummer Steven Broschkus (Devil Shepherd) and six stringer Jan Arnold (The Carrion Call) the band founded itself in 2019 with the mission to start a new low pressure area in Germany, ready to tell what real van life is all about.

Bass-T / Bass and Vocals
Steven Broschkus / Drums
Jan Arnold / Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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