[News] Yasna publish the official video for the track “Humankind’s prerogative”

The Sicilians Yasna have released the video of their new single entitled “Humankind’s prerogative.”

The video was made by Marco Dodisi and was shot in the Messina area (from Piazza del Popolo to the Falcata area, from Castanea to Maregrosso, from Santa Lucia to Viale San Martino),

The protagonist is a girl (Laura Giannone) inserted in society and who lives with the worry of staying there (home, family, work), a victim of the daily routine but who, at a certain point, decides to change her life.

Humankind’s prerogative” will be one of the seven tracks on the album that the band intends to release.

To this end, it has launched a crowdfunding campaign through the indiegogo.com website.

The band was born in 2017, from an idea of Andrea Magrofuoco. Their musical music combines prog with groove, taking inspiration from the philosophy of Nietzsche and Shopenhauer, generating a violent sound but also accessible to those who have never listened to this genre, alternating complex rhythmic structures with decidedly melodic parts.

Humankind’s Prerogative OUT NOW!!
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Yasna lineup:

Andrea Magrofuoco / Guitar
Alfredo Cavalieri / Guitar
Davide De Stefano / Voice
Armando Fiorello / Bass
Simone Bombaci / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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