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Project born by a Steve Carlisle’s idea, multi-instrumentalist active for several years in the Philadelphia area. The group is composed by experienced musicians with the addition of Cary Newell, as vocal support, in songwriting and production, also a veteran of music. The opener “Open Your Mind” starts with a pressing Prog rhythm and a good vocal, acoustic and electric guitars are well complemented by keyboards. Time changes and the alternation between synth and guitar, is supported by a solid bass-drum base. “No One’s Listening, Pt. 1” is the first part of the suite that gives the title to the album, elaborate rhythms and sudden changes are the key to reading the song. Strong bass lines, as are powerful drums rhythms. The vocal with whistled interruptions, makes this part very original. The guitar proposes excellent riffs and the synth fits into perfection with the rest, the singing returns and closes. “Losing Touch” almost 9 minutes, start with calmer tones, acoustic guitar, bass and a sweet voice. Drums and percussion come in, the song goes up with the passing of the minutes, electric guitar and keyboards dialogue perfectly, creating captivating riffs. After a brief melodic pause, the song regains energy, also here the rhythmic session is remarkable, after another part sung the piece goes in closing with a fall of sounds. “Peaceful Place” joins the whole of the end of the previous one. It’s a brief 2:31 minute break with piano, acoustic guitar, flute and a very short sung which leads us gently towards “No One’s Listening, Pt. 2“. It’s the second part of the suite, melodic and harmonious up to 3/4 when the electric guitar and the Hammond comes into play, between riffs and choirs, is a good continuum of the previous part. “A Day At Montsegur” is another 1:44 minute passage almost exclusively a well-executed arpeggio of acoustic guitar that introduces us to “Part Of All“, with a sweet intro. The song changes abruptly, turning into a more elaborate rhythm track. Guitars and keyboards create an ideal background for a more determined vocal, at the middle of the track another change brings us back to more symphonic atmospheres with the chirping of birds. In the end, the music goes on growing before the closing with percussion and a softer sound. In “Tales From The Kupp” the whole is electronic, but with the entry of the instruments, the sound resumes its characteristic Prog style. Very varied, strong and engaging rhythm with the drums in great light. “All Ways” after an acoustic intro, a more symphonic and sung song than the previous ones, towards the middle, a more aggressive detachment and the return to the sung take us back to softer territories. Simpler in drafting, a pleasant and more accessible passage before the third part of the suite. “No One’s Listening, Pt. 3“, electric guitar, flute and powerful bass lines, synth and various tempo changes for this last mostly instrumental track. With sophisticated riffs and rhythms, the record closes with 10 seconds of acappella. This band is made up by experienced musicians, and it feels, everything is precise and well-developed. The instrumental parts are made with quality, and the vocal adapts perfectly in all situations. Inspired by 70s Prog bands, however, they managed to combine Symphonic and other more technical parts with a correct dose of Neo Prog. A mature work in all its parts, an album recommended for its different facets that all come together to create the sound of the One Now Ago.


1. Open Your Mind (5:04)
2. No One’s Listening, Pt. 1 (5:32)
3. Losing Touch (8:52)
4. Peaceful Place (2:31)
5. No One’s Listening, Pt. 2 (5:58)
6. A Day At Montsegur (1:44)
7. Part Of All (7:45)
8. Tales From The Kupp (5:30)
9. All Ways (6:51)
10. No One’s Listening, Pt. 3 (7:12)


Steve Carlisle – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dave Kloss – Bass
Ritchie DeCarlo – Drums
Cary Newell – Vocals, Production

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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  1. Thanks for your kind and thorough review Jacopo !! Hopefully, your review sparks others to check it out, and they enjoy half as much as I enjoyed playing on it…

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