[Review] Abrams – Modern Ways

Abrams are an American band that offers a powerful and modern Heavy Rock, with brilliant melodies and riffs, on solid rhythmic sessions. They were born in 2013 as a trio, releasing 3 albums since then, the latest of which is “Modern Ways” on May 22, 2020 for Sailor Records, available on LP, CD and Digital. The album opens with “Modern Ways” title-track of which a single was also produced, immediately immerses us in the atmospheres of their sound, between powerful riffs, a heavy rhythmic session and a fierce precise voice for this song. “Poison Bullets” is a track where power mixes with melodies, slightly reminiscent of the first Grunge and Heavy Rock bands of the 90s. The guitar riffs are always as heavy as the vocal and the rhythmic session is however less powerful than the previous one, creating this good combination of Heavy and melodies. “Joshua Tree” turns to a decidedly different and softer genre, except for the chorus where with a thicker chorus and riffs you return to the classic terrain of the band. However, a softer, smoother and more pleasant song that softens the tones. “That Part Of Me” features riffs halfway between Heavy Rock and the melody, the vocal is less aggressive than the previous ones with effects, recalling some tracks of Lenny Kravits in the stanzas, while in the refrain the heavy heavy voice of the Abrams returns. A good song that shows the different facets and influences of their sound, well elaborated and well executed. “Find A Way” is a powerful song with very elaborate riffs and an intense vocal, while the refrain has a good softer melody. The rhythmic session with heavy bass lines and one with different tempo changes is precise for the song, one of the best on the album. “My War” is the softest moment on the disc, where the union between melody and power is best expressed, between sharp riffs and the usual heavy rhythmic session that alternate with quieter openings. Another good test that slightly deviates from the style to which the band has accustomed us with class and precision. “Silver Lake” again alternates melodic and melancholic openings with powerful and unleashed riffs that make guitars cry. The vocal is dense and emotional like the rest of the track structure, spot on and of a good standard. “Silence” returns with power and that modern Heavy Rock, the syncopated rhythms and the dark riffs with an almost screamed vocal, where in my opinion, however, the band’s personal style is lacking. A song too similar to other bands of the genre, however a good track. “Pale Moonlight” begins with guitar arpeggios and a softer rhythmic session creating a truly enveloping atmosphere. The vocal is made again and adapts best to the various stages of the song, a musical crescendo with an elaborate and at times intricate plot, releasing power with the passing of the minutes. Closes the album “Marionette” back in full in the style to which the band has accustomed us, after excursions in different styles of the previous tracks, alternating more delicate and intricate moments with powerful openings. Also in this final track there are all the ingredients expected from the band, a worthy conclusion for a good album. Third chapter in the band’s discography which confirms its shape and strength, the moments of power and the most peaceful moments are successfully intertwined. A definitely pleasant album for all lovers of modern Heavy Rock, smooth and full of powerful riffs, solid rhythmic sessions and an intense vocal that fits perfectly with the music expressed by the Abrams.


1. Modern Ways
2. Poison Bullets 
3. Joshua Tree
4. That Part of Me 
5. Find a Way
6. My War
7. Silver Lake
8. Silence
9. Pale Moonlight
10. Marionette


Zachary Amster / Guitar and Vocal 
Ryan Dewitt / Drums 
Taylor Iversen / Bass Guitar and Vocal

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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