[Review] Anno Mundi – Land Of Legends

Anno Mundi is an Italian Heavy Prog band formed in Rome with four albums under its belt. The latest release of the band and “Land of Legends” dated December 11, 2019 for the always Italian Black Widow Records, Genoese label dedicated to Prog and beyond. The album contains 5 tracks and is available on LP and CD, mixing Hard Rock sounds with the 70’s Progressive. The opener “Twister World End” starts with a dark guitar arpeggio at a calm rhythm on which an excellent vocal with high tones is inserted. The intensity increases with the passage of the song with the distorted guitar giving Sabbath-style power. In the second part a good duet between bass guitar that draws only one drawn and with the return of the main theme the song closes. “Hyperborea” opens with a sweet acoustic guitar arpeggio on which a pleasant violin melody is inserted. A change with the two protagonists and the entrance of the synth and the rhythm section, giving life to a piece of the 70s flavors. The tones darken with the structure that becomes more intricate with effects and a spatial atmosphere with games of voices point in the second part is exacerbated with a more linear rhythm close to hard Rock, between distorted guitars and a powerful vocal and keyboards. The power, the compositional and executive technique of the band stand out. the guitar solo is impressive in the instrumental section and then in the end it closes with another keyboard atmospheric. “Dark Energy” the shortest song of the album made of acoustic guitar and vocal layers, a softer passage that softens the Heavy Prog atmosphere with delicacy. “Highway To Knowhere” begins with a dark intro of keyboards and then develops with a Prog song with melodies halfway between the distorted guitars and dark keyboard chords. After an acoustic guitar passage, a theme develops with the load-bearing keyboards and distortions on the guitar plays rhythmic session with deep bass lines in the second part, the rhythm accelerates with intertwined solos of very carrying guitar keyboards. “Female Revenge” begins with that dark tone characteristic of the album, but more aggressive than the previous song. a whispered voice stands out among the notes, giving a sense of mystery, the guitar master of the sound that develops with sudden changes in tempo, point and vocal always in Hard Rock style and high pitched and maintains that tone of mystery even in the lyrics. The second part begins with the organ that rages between sharp riffs and the guitar draws a nice solo point after several accelerated tempo changes in the end the song ends with a softer section with the initial whispered voices and the guitar. An album that confirms the style, the quality of the Roman band and the ability of the Genoese label to produce thick works. A good test in a pleasant listening for the lovers of Heavy Prog sounds with slightly dark hues, another good chapter in the band’s discography.


Side A

  1. Twisted World’s End 5:33
  2. Hyperborea 15:02
  3. Dark Energy 3:08

Side B

  1. Hyperway to Nowhere 9:28
  2. Female Revenge 14:07


Anno Mundi:

  • Federico Giuntoli
  • Alessio Secondini Morelli
  • Flavio Gonnellini
  • Mattia Liberati
  • Gianluca Livi


  • Renato Gasparini
  • Alessandro Milana
  • Francesca Luce
  • Alessio Livi
  • Emanuele Livi
  • Domenico Dente

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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