[Review] Antinode – The Canary that Named the Stars

Antinode is a Progressive Rock band originally from Seattle, USA born from an idea of Travis Corwin, which was consolidated in 2020 with the current lineup. On August 20, 2021 they release the EP/Mini LP “The Canary that Named the Stars” containing 3 long tracks that mix multiple styles and a lot of technique. The disc opens with “Molo (the Serpent)” which begins with a fine sound mix and an engaging rhythm and a pleasant vocal. The mixes between keyboards and guitar are of a good level, as are the tempo changes, a real added value of the track. A song that offers the sounds of classic Prog with a modern and personal key, with keyboards as protagonists in the best tradition. An impact opener that meets the expectations of listeners, even the most demanding of the Progressive genre. The instrumental parts are of a high standard with intertwining solos and elaborate passages, a very good track. The second “Belyd (the Blossom)” is the shortest in duration, it starts with a soft guitar and a darker atmosphere than the previous one, always with a well modulated vocal on the music. The bass lines are deep and the keyboards add quality to the song with sometimes dreamy inserts. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece which, with the continuous tempo changes, gives us high-level passages and elaborate and original instrumental sections. Closing the album “Io (the Guiding Light)” which is also the longest running track, it starts with a dark atmosphere made of guitar arpeggios and soundscapes. With a sudden change it turns into a solid Prog track with massive guitar and keyboard riffs, the percussion fits perfectly with the drum and the bass creates elaborate lines. The vocal is always very expressive, while the elaboration of the theme is of a high level, showing valuable ideas and an individual technique of absolute depth. All the playing time of the song is exploited to express the potential of the band, very skilled in passing from softer moments to more heavy ones with a wealth of details. An important conclusive track, which shows the maturity of the band, both in the compositional and secondary phases, making us want to listen to this work again in the future. All the expectations of a Progressive music listener are met in a mature, well-structured debut with clear and well-developed ideas. The individual technique of the artists involved is of a high level and they demonstrate this by creating tempo changes and sometimes intricate but always accessible passages. A recommended listening that shows how there are young bands prepared and willing to propose high quality Prog, we hope they will offer us other productions soon.


01. Molo (the Serpent) (09:16)
02. Belyd (the Blossom) (06:24)
03. Io (the Guiding Light) (12:58)


Travis Corwin / Guitar, Vocals
Ian Curtiss / Bass
Chance Monaghan / Drums
Martin Petrvalsky / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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