[Review] Giancarlo Erra – Departure Tapes

Giancarlo Erra is an Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist based in the UK. On July 2, 2021 “Departures Tapes” was released via Kscope an album composed in the artist’s travels between Italy and UK, containing 6 very contemplative and reflective tracks, one of which is dedicated to the death of his father. The disc is entirely played by Giancarlo, and is made up of tracks that mix improvisation with modern electronic music, different styles and genres in a particular and very personal introspective journey. The use of an instrumentation between the traditional and the futuristic, with dilated sounds and refined passages of exquisite workmanship. The disappearance of his father certainly influenced the drafting of the tracks, with the last one being entirely dedicated to him by the artist. A journey into a world that is not really Peogressive, as we usually do here in our pages. The originality and technique of the instruments and sounds used by Giancarlo, really many, deserve a mention because in my opinion this artist is carving out a prominent space in the modern Avant-Garde panorama. Clearly they are particular compositions that must be listened to without any prejudice on the use of very modern instruments and sounds, almost ambient at times. Many aspects of modern experimentation used by the author, the sounds are many and the rhythmic sessions at times minimal are precise for the proposed music. An album that deserves more plays to be able to grasp all the sound ideas contained, a journey that was precisely composed in the travels of Giancarlo. A listening full of ideas and ideas between ambient and experimentation, which at each listening gives new passages and ideas. Recommended to all lovers of Experimental and Spatial sounds, with very dilated sounds and a search for detail and a very refined, interesting and innovative attention to detail.


1. Dawn Tape [06:15]
2. Previous Tape [01:48]
3. 169th Tape [02:51]
4. Unwound Tape [08:24]
5. Departure Tape [16:51] 
6. A Blues For My Father [07:31] 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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