[Review] Behind Closed Doors – Caged In Helics

Behind Closed Doors is an instrumental trio from the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany offering Prog/Post-Metal sounds. The new album “Caged In Helics‘ was released on October 28, 2022 and contains seven long-lasting tracks. The opener “the anti will” is characterised by an introductory part with sweet string sounds, before turning into a solid track with heavy sections. A granitic rhythm section, heavy guitar riffs, with continuous tempo changes that allow you to move from more delicate sections to others markedly Metal. The interlacing with the strings is very interesting and gives an extra quid to the sound, halfway between Prog and Post-Metal, energetic and technical at the same time. A darker sound opens “kaleidoscope antlers” with heavy guitar riffs and a powerful rhythm section. Strings embellish the sound, giving it an orchestral and symphonic touch, while the trio develops a very technical and elaborate theme. The tempo changes are an added value, enhancing the band’s technique, between virtuoso passages and technicalities that contribute to an energetic and engaging track that is very refined. “the essence of doubt” is a weave of elaborate arpeggios with an oriental touch, solid drumming enhanced by tempo changes. The first part of the song is softer and closer to Rock sounds, without losing technique and refinement, in the second part the intensity increases with more Heavy sounds. Technique and energy merge, continuing on a very high technical level. The album’s longest track “black pyramid” features a long intro that leads into a technical and powerful song. The guitar riffs are massive, the rhythm section granitic and full of elaborate passages, with softer passages and openings where the band unleashes the full power of their sound. Moments where the atmospheres become darker, intricate parts, energy and high-level ideas, a successful and original blend of Progressive and Post- Metal. Frenetic and highly technical rhythmics, interweaving strings and heavy guitars open “per aspera ad astra, but why and for what.” Constantly evolving, it combines bursts of pure Progressive Metal power with softer openings in the middle section with cinematic sounds and the strings in evidence. The second part is softer, with dilated sounds, accompanying us to the finale nicely, then concluding in a musical crescendo. “ubiquitous” is the album’s shortest track, with a slow-moving rhythm section and dilated melodies that are enriched with effects and modulations. The album ends with the powerful “in all but name” with heavy guitar riffs and a solid, elaborate rhythm section. Continuous tempo changes are an added value to the sound, with virtuosities and technical passages of a high level, concluding the listening of this work with quality. An album that combines technical passages, energy and quality ideas, both in composition and performance. A trio that enhances their technique with consistently refined passages to which an orchestral touch is added by the strings. The band’s sound is original, fresh and modern, combining Progressive and Post traits between Rock and Metal. A recommended listen for lovers of the heavier sounds of Prog with forays into Post, energetic and technical at the same time.


01. the anti will (08:04)
02. kaleidoscope antlers (05:59)
03. the essence of doubt (06:23)
04. black pyramid (10:34)
05. per aspera ad astra, but why and for what (09:21)
06. ubiquitous (02:14)
07. in all but name (05:50)


Christoph Teuschel / Guitars
Fred Jacobsson / Bass, Synth
Yuma van Eekelen / Drums
Annie Tangberg / Cello
Oene van Geel / Viola
Ben Mathot / Violins

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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