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Limite Acque Sicure is an Italian band with a progressive rock sound with 70s influences brought into a modern context. Their eponymous debut album was released on October 14, 2022 via Minotauro Records and consists of 7 tracks in the form of a concept album. The theme of the album is change, under the banner of human and artistic evolution, offering music that is elaborate and never banal. The album opens with “Sogno d’Oriente,” a track of over 12 minutes with an intro of percussion and oriental atmospheres. Excellent guitar work, an elaborate and solid rhythm section, keyboard inserts and a warm and expressive vocal. Tempo changes, intense and meaningful lyrics, with technical passages alternating with symphonic openings. A track that immediately plunges us into the magical world of Progressive with quality and original ideas with personal traits. An interweaving of beautifully crafted vocal parts and instrumental sections, refined and enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique. Piano notes and a retro atmosphere characterise the intro of “Terra straniera,” and then a deep and very intense vocal enters. The flute embellishes the sound, which develops in a continuous crescendo, increasing the intensity and developing the central theme of the song with fine instrumental parts. Male and female vocals duet, interpreting the lyrics with pathos, while the music is enriched with tempo changes and solo inserts where the instruments pleasantly intertwine. “Il respiro dell’anima” combines a technical and elaborate structure with vocal parts that give a melodic touch to the sound. The intensity increases as the song progresses, with excellent guitar and keyboard inserts, before developing into a softer section in the second half. In the finale, the song ends with a musical crescendo and a powerful, drawn-out rhythm section. The sound of the sea and dreamy arpeggios open “Antico mare,” a more delicate track enriched by a percussion background. Combining the tradition of Italian music with a more Experimental Prog in the first part, in the finale it offers a more Symphonic opening that accompanies us with a fine instrumental section to the close. Another long track “Fiamme intorno,” which runs over 10 minutes, opens with intertwining keyboard guitars. The sound is gritty and heavier than the previous one, with more melodic cues in the sung parts that alternate with instrumentals that bring out the band’s full potential. Continuous tempo changes and a wide range of styles blend to create the band’s personal style, with rich keyboard and guitar textures, offering an extended instrumental section. The sixth track on the disc is a tribute to the music masters Bando del Muto Soccorso, offering a live recording of “Il giardino del mago.” Almost 16 minutes of pure pleasure, managing to imprint their own personal touch on one of the songs that made history and made the genre great all over the world. This band managed to bring it back in a way that was both faithful and personal at the same time, displaying quality technique and energy. Credit must also be given to the band for having chosen one of the most complex pieces of Italian Prog and played it live in an exceptional manner. The album ends with the shortest track “Ti salverà,” ending the listening with a theme that conveys hope. Guitar choruses and percussion with keyboard inserts, leaving us wanting to listen to this album many more times in the future. A band that succeeds in bringing traditional Italian progressive sounds into a modern context with personal traits. All tracks are of long duration, giving the right amount of space to the sung and instrumental parts, offering a succession of emotions and very refined passages. A recommended listen for all lovers of Prog sounds, who will find all the characteristics they are looking for in an album of this kind.


01. Sogno d’Oriente (12:48)
02. Terra straniera (7:53)
03. Il respiro dell’anima (8:25)
04. Antico mare (8:02)
05. Fiamme intorno (10:48)
06. Il giardino del mago (15:51, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso)
07. Ti salverà (2:11)


Andrea Chendi / Vocals
Ambra Bianchi / Flute, Vocals and Harp
Antonello Giovannelli / Keyboards
Luca Trabanelli / Giutars
Paolo Bolognesi / Drums
Francesco Gigante / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

2 thoughts on “[Review] Limite Acque Sicure – Limite Acque Sicure

  1. A big thank you to PROGROCKJOURNAL for the fine and detailed review of our album. The characteristics of each song have been identified with great competence. We are really happy to have been able to convey our message to listeners in music. Grazie Jacopo, sei riuscito a cogliere in pieno le caratteristiche anche meno evidenti dei nostri brani. Ti faccio i miei complimenti!! Antonello

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