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Bjorn Riis is one of the founding members, the lead guitarist, producer and main songwriter of the highly successful Norwegian band Airbag. His new solo album “Everything to Everyone” was released on April 08, 2022 via Karisma Records and contains 6 long-running tracks ranging from Classic Rock to Progressive. The central themes of the album are human emotions and the fear of losing someone. In addition to Bjorn collaborate on the album, Henrik Bergan Fossum (Airbag), Kristian Hultgren (Wobbler), Simen Valldal Johannessen (Oak) and Norwegian singer/songwriter Mimmi Tamba. The opening track “Run” features an energetic rhythm session and engaging Rock-style electric guitar riffs, combining Prog strokes with the sound thanks to tempo changes. The keyboards intertwine well with the melodies, creating at times an atmospheric background giving body to the piece. In the central part a dreamy instrumental section is developed that flows into an energetic Prog final with massive riffs and keyboards creating a heavier sound with a good guitar solo. “Lay Me Down” is a long track that exceeds 11 minutes in duration, which opens with a delicate guitar arpeggio and a warm and expressive vocal. The atmospheres are softer and a pleasant intertwining of male and female voices characterizes the singing, then resulting in an intense guitar solo. In the central part the intensity increases by transforming the song with graphic guitar riffs and accelerating the drumming, and then with continuous changes of tempo go from more energetic moments to more dreamy ones. The track ends with a musical crescendo and a fine electric guitar solo. Soft piano notes that intertwine with the acoustic guitar begin “The Siren” on which Bjorn’s deep vocal stands out. A track that shows a softer facet of the artist’s sound, where a long instrumental section is developed with intertwining soloists of piano and electric guitar full of pathos. The longest track of the album “Every Second Every Hour” exceeds 13 minutes in duration, and opens with an orchestral background of keyboards and melodic intertwining to which the vocals are added. A more Progressive track, enriched by tempo changes and excellent mixes of electric guitar and keyboards that make the textures more Heavy with darker strokes. The rhythmic session is solid with supporting bass lines, and in the central part an instrumental section with atmospheric sounds is developed. The vocal returns and with the alternation of sung parts and an intense guitar solo, the song closes by returning to the initial theme. “Descending” is the shortest in duration, characterized by electronic drumming and a mix of guitar and keyboards in the first part. In the central part the intensity increases and the guitar offers a distorted solo cue with an electric bass line, the most experimental track of the album that explores the boundaries of Prog. The album closes with the title track “Everything to Everyone,” a track with a dreamy atmosphere and a drumming enriched by effects, on which an intense vocal stands out. The intertwining of male and female voices is good and the piece in the central part becomes warmer with an orchestral background and softer and more delicate sounds. In the finale there is space for the last guitar and piano solo that close the album in a musical crescendo that mixes Prog and Classic Rock. A good album that shows a softer facet of Bjorn’s sound, with 6 very intense tracks ranging from Classic Rock to Prog with very deep vocals. Good textures of guitar and keyboard and the alternation of long instrumental parts and sung and well done. A listener recommended for lovers of Rock sounds, who will find here a pleasant asoclto from beginning to end with intense songs and refined sounds.

Ultimately, Everyone Is Single


01. Run (05:55)
02. Lay Me Down (11:40)
03. The Siren (07:19)
04. Every Second Every Hour (13:20)
05. Descending (04:33)
06. Everything to Everyone (07:27)

Bonus Tracks Ltd. Digisleeve CD
07. Everything to Everyone (Alternate Version)
08. Desolate Place

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