[Review] Black Fate – Ithaca

Black Fate is a Greek band that offers a markedly Symphonic Metal with Attic Prog veins from the early 90s. But above all with the entry of the new keyboardist Themis Koparanidis, the orchestral and neoclassical layers of the keyboards are accentuated. Another strong point of the band is certainly the voice of Vasilis Georgiou, which is certainly an added value, also very skilled in songwriting, direct and engaging. The band’s new album titled “Ithaca” was released by Rockshots Records on October 27, 2020 and contains 12 tracks. In addition to the classic symphonic and orchestral intro, we can find a succession of tracks that respect the standards of the genre. A powerful title track, some more elaborate songs with more technical inserts that highlight the Prog vein, a ballad, all enhancing the vocal skills of the singer and with a massive dose of keyboards and orchestrations. But all very standard, without the slightest smudging but without even daring or going beyond the cliché, while respecting what are the expectations. From such a gifted lineup one always expects the extra spark, those ideas that would make an album from standard to unique, while here, despite everything being executed to perfection, that something extra is missing. All the artists involved show a remarkable mastery of the instrument and both individual and choral technique, the voice is always of a higher level and the album flows pleasantly. The songwriting, the riffs and all the passages of the album are however spot on and engaging, with some inserts of considerable thickness, making the overall quality of the record of a high level. A listening recommended for all lovers of Prog / Symphonic sounds of Metal, approaching bands such as Kamelot or Epica for style, adding a personal touch this work would certainly be of greater depth. Overall, however, I would like to recommend listening, technique, quality and experience however make this band a safe, smooth and pleasant always and of a very high average level.


01. From Ashes_Dust
02. Ithaca
03. Maze
04. Savior Machine
05. Fortress Of Solitude
06. Nemesis
07. Secret Place
08. Reach For The Stars
09. Rainbow’s End
10. One Last Breath
11. Queen Of Shadows
12.Circle Of Despair


Vasilis Georgiou / Vocals
Gus Drax / Guitars
Nikos Tsintzilonis / Drums
Vasilis Liakos / Bass
Themis Koparanidis / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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