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Blind Fate is a band from London, UK formed in 2014 that offers Prog sounds halfway between Rock and Metal, with long trackss and instrumental sections. The new album “Permutations” was released on February 25, 2022 and contains 11 tracks, the first with Jack Morris on vocals. The album opens with “Emotionless” which begins with a powerful interweaving of keyboards and heavy guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. The vocal alternates well-interpreted stanzas halfway between sung and spoken and engaging and melodic choral refrains. A track that is enriched with tempo changes that allow you to mix more melodic traits with other more Heavy ones. In the central instrumental section the keyboards offer a solo insert, which then leaves room for the guitar for another intense solo, concluding the piece with an arpeggio with a dark atmosphere. Heavy guitar riffs open “One Kiss” with fine keyboard weaves and a sound halfway between melodic Hard Rock and Prog with a softer vocal. A blend of AOR and Neo Prog with a good lead guitar insert in the central part and in the second part, while remaining linked to more melodic sounds. “Break Through” has a more ’80s imprint between AOR and Neo Prog, with a choral vocal and a not particularly incisive first part. In the second part we find the more Progressive cues of the track with the alternation of guitar and keyboards in solos at times virtuous, which remain a bit ends in themselves. A pompous organ sound and a dark atmosphere characterize the intro of “Shadows In The Darkness” developed with granite guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. An entirely instrumental track that is enriched with tempo changes and intricate plots that enhance the band’s technique. “Finding Mr Bang” is characterized by vocal plots that do not enhance its qualities and extension in my humble opinion, not enhancing the musical context. The tempo changes and the development of the theme of the piece is at times elaborate, with some interesting ideas and others less engaging. We are halfway through the album and “Sound Waves In Soho” alternates powerful hard riffs and more melodic passages. I find the music more interesting and incisive than the vocal parts, with tempo changes and interesting guitar and keyboard mixes. In the instrumental sections the more Progressive side of the band is highlighted with a good guitar solo in the finale. “Old Permutations” moves more slowly and with a rich mix of guitar and keyboards with intense solo instrumental parts. A track that offers a mixture of Neo Prog sounds and personal traits of the band, enriched by continuous tempo changes and interesting intensity changes. “Chasing The Dream Of Happiness” opens with a virtuoso guitar arpeggio with a dilated sonority, and then increases in intensity but deviating from the Prog. Closer to soft sounds with a melodic female vocal is a softer passage that dampens the tones in the middle of the more elaborate tracks on the disc. In my opinion, the long duration could be exploited to elaborate the sound of the piece in a more refined way. Remaining on softer sounds “Road To Somewhere” follows the 80s sounds of Neo Prog with some more intricate ideas that recall the bands of the late 70s. As the minutes go by the track comes to life and becomes more enjoyable and Progressive with some good ideas and an excellent instrumental section in the second part. “Invisible Treasure” opens with a powerful interweaving of keyboards and guitar with rock-hard riffs and a solid rhythm session. The synth sounds are at the center of the melodies and intertwine with the lead guitar inserts, mixing accelerations and tempo changes making this track one of the best on the record. the longest track of the “Anatomy” album closes this work, starting with a tight drumming and Prog Metal sounds elaborated with excellent guitar and keyboard intertwining. We move from more Metal moments to softer openings, with a good vocal that adapts well to the musical context and the virtuous plots enhance the technique of the musicians involved. In my opinion the best track of the album, which ends in a very interesting Progressive crescendo. An album that in my opinion is characterized by ups and downs, with some interesting and well developed ideas and some less incisive tracks. The instrumental parts are the strong point of the album, with sometimes complex plots and virtuous passages that enhance the band’s technique. An album that lays the foundations for interesting future record releases, with some details to improve but in some passages the listening is pleasant.


01. Emotionless (06:12)
02. One Kiss (05:11)
03. Break Through (05:35)
04. Shadows In The Darkness (03:26)
05. Finding Mr Bang (06:45)
06. Sound Waves In Soho (07:39)
07. Old Permutations (06:38)
08. Chasing The Dream Of Happiness (07:30)
09. Road To Somewhere (05:08)
10. Invisible Treasure (06:54)
11. Anatomy (09:31)


Aaron Archer / Guitars
Jack Morris / Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Jamie White / Guitars, Keyboards

Special Guests

Nuria Alonso / Vocals
Elisa Zimbardo / Guitars (6,9,11)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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