[Review] The Centaurs of Attention – The Noise These Days

The Centaurs of Attention are an American Progressive-Pop band with a line of 6 elements, that range from sci-fi to rockabilly. The new album “The Noise These Days” was released on March 02, 2022 and contains 7 medium length tracks. The album opens with “Captain’s Plan” and fine guitar and keyboard textures, a solid rhythm session with heavy bass lines and an intense and expressive vocal. The sound is engaging and is enriched by tempo changes and instrumental inserts with the keyboards in evidence. The following “The Dome Suite” is the longest track on the album, exceeding 6 minutes in length. The Rockabilly traits blend with the more Progressive textures, creating an enthralling American-style sound, rhythmic and engaging. In the middle instrumental section the guitar offers a well made solo and the track becomes more Soulful with the warm female vocal. An interesting blend of American, Blues Rock music with continuous tempo changes. “The Noise These Days” opens with ambient sounds and a dreamy piano, moving slowly creating an enveloping and deep atmosphere. The first part is of a more Pop matrix, while in the second the band explores more Progressive sounds with a fine ride of more intricate drums and sounds. With a granitic interweaving of keyboards and choitar and a solid rhythm session “Steakhouse Blues” is a track with an energetic vocal and a massive sound. Harder in the sonorities, it mixes more Rock features with Prog keyboard cues, an interesting combination, which enhances the compositional and executive technique of the band. The more Pop-Prog traits of the band are intertwined with accelerated and more Rockabilly tempo changes in “Native Life” giving life to a particular song with an intense vocal. Enriched by continuous tempo changes and by a good mix of keyboards and guitar which at all times evolve into passages of American music, rhythmic and engaging and then slow down and return to softer Prog. “Promise to Behave” has a strong melodic component within the sound, with a warm and expressive vocal and an atmosphere full of pathos. The second part is more elaborate with a good instrumental section with the keyboards and guitar in evidence. The album ends with “I Know Wild” and a ballad-style rhythm and a melodic vocal, the more Prog sounds emerge at times intertwining with the softer ones. Good keyboard inserts and tempo changes that allow you to combine different genres and styles, summarizing very well the sound imprint of the band. A band that manages to combine two genres in very distant theory such as American Rockabilly and Prog with Pop veins. An original blend with interesting instrumental parts and some rhythmic and engaging tracks and others softer and more intense. An album that differs from classic Progressive Rock, overall a pleasant listening with some interesting insights and ideas.


01. Captain’s Plan (04:55)
02. The Dome Suite (06:06)
03. The Noise These Days (05:52)
04. Steakhouse Blues (03:58)
05. Native Life (04:34)
06. Promise to Behave (04:33)
07. I Know Wild (04:07)


Tyler King / Guitars and Vocals
Holly Cole / Vocals and Percussion
Daniel Vallejos / Drums and Vocals
Wallace Brown – Keys and Synths
Orie Weeks / Guitar
Benjy Rickard / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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