[Review] Chihiro S. – The Chronicle Of Mr. Chaos & Dr. Avant-Garde

Chihiro S. is a Japanese poly-instrumentalist and composer, famous for working with Lacrymosa and Maboroshi Paganz, among others. On the new album “The Chronicle Of Mr. Chaos & Dr. Avant-Garde,” he proposes his own compositions and well-known tracks of the Rock scene in an avant-garde key with traits of Japanese Folklore. A project that combines traditional and other modern instruments, proper to the progressive Rock scene such as the Mellotron and Electro-Harmonix MEL9. Percussion is the main component of the rhythm session, and the intertwining of the stringed instruments is mixed with the Mellotron and Electro-Harmonix MEL9, creating a sound that explores the most extreme territories of the progressive avant-garde. He is able to create intense tracks with very elaborate textures, with very original features and which require several plays to be able to steal all the nuances contained within the album. Intricate but engaging, it shows the excellent individual technique of the artists involved, with refined sounds and virtuous experiments on both traditional and more modern instruments. Even the vocal parts, very dynamic and expressive, alternate solo and choral parts, offering a highly sought-after experimentation that combines modern traits and Japanese tradition. An energetic and refined sound mixture, as well as the choice of tracks and Chihiro’s personal compositions. A listening recommended for lovers of avant-garde and experimental sounds, which manages to combine tradition and innovation, exploring the most extreme boundaries of the genre. After repeated listening this work will show all its valuable facets, highlighting both the executive technique of the artists involved and the good blend of such different genres.


01.Happy Birthday To The Future (Dr. Avant-Garde)
02.Introduction (MABOROSHI PAGANZ)
03.Oyster Bay (Chihiro S.)
04.Lonely Chamber Rock (Chihiro S. & Joe Yamamoto)
06.黒犬 Black Dog (half PAGANZ)
07.Happy Birthday To The Ironical New World (Mr. Chaos)
08.Black Corridor (MABOROSHI PAGANZ)
09.子連れ狼 Shogun Assassin (MABOROSHI PAGANZ)
10.The Spectacle Of The Dragonfly (half PAGANZ)
11.King Arthur (half PAGANZ)
12.Troika (half PAGANZ)


Chihiro S. / saz, vo, flanger bass (on M1, 4, 7, 12), mellotron (on M1, 7), Irish Bouzuki (on M2),
タロット続木 Tarot TSUZUKI / violin (on M2. 5, 6, 8-12), mellotron (on M2, 5, 9), chorus (on M5, 9), bowed 大正琴(on M12)
吉江潤也 Junya YOSHIE / polyphonic drums (on M5, 13), bongo, djembe & perc (on M2. 6, 8-12)
佐藤圭一 Keiichi SATOW / oud (on M2. 5, 8, 9)
寺島真悟 Shingo TERASHIMA / Greek bouzuki (on M5, 8), ac-g (on M8)
白鳥エレナ Elena SHIRATORI / chorus (on M5, 9, 12), erotic voice (on M9)
ジョー山本 Joe YAMAMOTO / drums (frame drum(音鼓知振 Bendir)/FLATS bass drum, cymbal) (on M4)
未藍千紗 Chisa Mia / vo, voice, effects (on M13)
園丁 En Tee / piano & oboe (on M13)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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