[Review] Deathbell – A Nocturnal Crossing

Deathbell is a band that mixes Doom, Psychedelic and Occult Rock traits creating heavy, fuzzy sounds and mystical atmosphere in their music. Their second album “A Nocturnal Crossing” was released on February 25, 2022 via Svart Records and contains 6 medium to long playing tracks. The opening track “The Stronghold And The Archer” was proposed as a single with video to present the album. It starts with solid drumming and heavy guitars that immediately immerse us in the dark and occult sound of the band. The mystical vocal is an added value and strong point of the sound, developed on intertwining guitars and a hypnotic and enveloping bass, tracing the sounds of the most Occult side of Rock. The track runs linearly without great treble, with guitar phrasing and a short solo in the finale. A good mix between keyboards and guitar opens “Devoured On The Peak,” characterized by a slow rhythmic session with a deep enveloping bass line. The vocal adds its own dark personal touch, and the sound always revolves around the guitar work, between heavy riffs and scratchy inserts. In the second part with some changes and guitar inserts the track becomes more elaborate and interesting. the longest track of the album “The Ladder” with over 8 minutes of duration starts with a slow pachydermic rhythm and guitar arpeggios, and then with a change increase in intensity. Good keyboard background and the change in the middle of the song, enriched by effects and the instrumental section that develops in the second part. The guitar offers a good lead lead in the finale that guides us to the closing. With intertwining keyboards and guitar and a slow rhythm opens “Silent She Comes,” which is inserted the vocal of the singer with its now classic timbre. A track in my opinion not too incisive, linear but which lacks that extra something that would enhance the sound, a little too static and linked to repetitive guitar riffs. “Shifting Sands” is at times more involving with more elaborate passages, with time changes and seems to have an edge over the previous ones. The use of the keyboards is interesting, the vocals are good and overall this is the most incisive piece, showing a greater malgamation between the instruments and a more full-bodied sound. Closes the album “A Nocturnal Crossing” which opens with good organ textures on which heavy guitars and a bit weak drumming are added. The bass lines are intense and load-bearing and the vocal adds something more, but the track flows without particular cues. An album that contains some interesting ideas that could be enhanced better, as some passages are more incisive and engaging than others. Overall, the listening is smooth and the band’s technique is good, and given the young age there are all the conditions to improve. Halfway between the occult Rock of the past and the Doom sounds, this album has its strong points in the vocals and in some ideas of guitar and keyboard.


1. The Stronghold And The Archer (7:00)
2. Devoured On The Peak (5:43)
3. The Ladder (8:37)
4. Silent She Comes (4:38)
5. Shifting Sands (7:30)
6. A Nocturnal Crossing (7:37)


Lauren Gaynor / Vocals, Keyboards
Bastien Commelongue / Guitars, Keyboards
Fredrik Bolzann / Guitars
Valentin Troï / Bass
Robin Draye / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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